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Fayaz Saleem

President Emeritus | Founder

To coincide with The Management Club’s 15th Anniversary five years ago, the Board of Management commenced the search for an exemplary, eloquent and innovative speaker, who would provide an audience of over 300 guests comprising Men and women of the Corporate world, a unique and effective speaking presentation! During this search, Mr. Ramesh Schaffter’s name appeared to be a unanimous and obvious choice. The Gala evening had the opportunity of listening to Mr. Schaffter’s spellbinding presentation, almost all of them were in fits of laughter at some of the humour that was interspersed in his exceedingly spirited and eloquent presentation.
Whilst there was no doubt of his immensely excellent oratorical skills, the forum found him to be both articulate and indeed charismatic so much so that he built a tremendous rapport with the audience, all of whom gave him unprecedented applause wishing that he would continue his presentation much longer!!

Zahara Ansary

Country Manager

Mr. Ramesh Schaffter is one of our most famed Fellow Members who has been a great resource at various CIMA events. He was the After-dinner speaker at the CIMA Centenary Dinner held in January 2020 as well as being a panelist at the Exam Completes High tea event. Prior to these, he has graced various other CIMA Sri Lanka events such as the President’s Dinner events as well as Conferences. He is a delight to listen to as he is such a vivacious speaker who can relate contemporary themes into any speech he does.

Most recently, Mr. Schaffter was the keynote speaker at the “Story telling in the New World” CPD session held for members of the Asia Pacific region which was well attended and received rave reviews. Not only does he have subject matter expertise when it comes to technical matters, he is also able to portray reality of today’s business world in a way that can be heartfelt. He has been an excellent motivator to our
students in becoming members of this hallowed institute and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Heshan Dissanayake

National Director

Ramesh has been a friend and mentor for many years. My leadership journey began with an inspiring and catalytic conversation with Ramesh back in 2015. His investment towards me as a Leader has resulted in the birth of a global movement that continues to impact and inspire many other leaders. Ramesh always thinks out of the box therefore it has been an amazing opportunity to be a part of his innovative and creative mind every time we interact. I walk out changed and challenged every time I have a conversation with Ramesh

Yohan Rodrigo

CEO | Co-FOunder

Uncle Ramesh has been a part of my career from its very inception, after giving me the opportunity to intern at Rock Foundation. And then continually advising me in all things life since. He has been a blessing and an ally.

One specific day that I recall, was when I called Uncle Ramesh and informed him that I had been offered a senior position at a prestigious company. But to acquire it I would have to give up my own pursuit of building my own business.

He didn’t make any decisions for me, just asked me if I have done enough to know that I have failed. I knew I had more to give. And here I am now. The Founder and Director of my own company. Pursuing my dream and impacting lives.

Uncle Ramesh has been a Friend, an Ally and Counselor. His input has been significant in the progress of my company as well as myself. I will forever be grateful.